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winter is coming

the kurdish battle only started. now, winter is coming. paper beats scissor in the financial winter following international media reporting, it is easy to think about war only in terms of uniforms, boots and steel. but the war against the … Continue reading

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taking back mosul

recently there seems to be movement on the international front. a coalition, joined by the us trustees in the gulf started bombing isis-stations in syria. following academic writings and speculations, the attack in syria would be the vital punch against … Continue reading

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revisiting the islamic state and kurdish strategy

being a terrorist is like running a business. it needs a strategy, loyal subordinates who carry out the directives and some sort of basic business plan. income, output. the old story. plus, it needs pr. a lot of it. yet, … Continue reading

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everyday life in a war zone

there is something stunningly mundane about traveling to a war zone. with media keeping a sharp eye on the very edge of the front lines, a doomsday picture was painted – scaring all, my friends, family and me. and obviously, … Continue reading

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no plasters for isis

usa is bombing isis fighters. the european union is declaring humanitarian support. good news! …or is it? personally i feel like this show of action, while a diplomatic sign in itself, is a plaster-solution to an open fracture. when the … Continue reading

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the lethal brother of war: hatred

there is a level of cruelty in war that goes beyond the shelling and the bombs, the killing and the massacre. when i learned about it in history class, from the comfort of a school bench, i shook my head … Continue reading

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meeting ak47

being in london, i took advantage of the cultural hub in this city and attended the theater ‘shakespeare’s globe’ today. in a time- and culture- crossing manner, the play ‘holy warriors’ portrayed the israel-palestine conflict from the age of salahaddin and … Continue reading

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