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you do not lose a daughter, you win a son

who would have thought a few years ago that a turkish government would ever utter words like “a kurdish state would not be the worst thing that could happen”. it was stunning even though foreseen by many who have followed … Continue reading

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black gold – black future

it is not as far fetched a metaphor as one might think to refer to oil as black gold. more and more people, politicians and scientists come to realize that the current standard of life can not be sustained in … Continue reading

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rethinking marx

the notion of marx today is more than a reference to a person. it is a reference to a system. a system that is interpreted in the marxist-leninist real draft in the soviet union and its extremes during stalin’s reign. … Continue reading

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the bigger the stone, the bigger the splash

reading the news lately transmits the feeling of unease. it seems as if the thick clouds on the economic horizon are darkening. worst case scenario: the economic crisis is back. what people miss to mention is that the crisis was never … Continue reading

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the robbin-hood-claim

the french government set a goal to introduce a 75 percent tax on wealth. there are demonstrations in several german cities calling for a redistribution of wealth. the question of wealth and welfare divides people and parties all over the … Continue reading

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