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why i love to travel

in the german language there are two words that very well suit my spirit and have been used to describe me by others: wanderlust and fernweh. the first is the lust, the want, the desire to wander, to travel, to … Continue reading

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chicken and egg

i am not sure whether a blog is supposed to be more of a notepad or a medium to write down all your important thoughts – so i decided to create my own rules. after all, it is my blog. … Continue reading

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dare to question

there is a door. behind it there are questions about the world, about life, about society. yet there are people who do not even see the door. questioning does not start with the deep meanings of life and eternity. it … Continue reading

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politics matter

“i am not interested in politics.”  it is a simple sentence i myself heard multiple times, when it comes to political issues. but what does that mean? not interested? to me this sounds very much like the daily routine of coming … Continue reading

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about is about politics – the blog is concerned with politics and political science in a way that is, in the authors opinion, needed for the lack of fundamental discussions about political issues outside of highly specialized political scientific communities. this … Continue reading

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