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talking to enemies

there is a certain challenge to working on military merging processes. for starters, the military is a sensitive matter in any nation. suspicions are high to look for spies and anyone who might use information against themselves. because, despite europe … Continue reading

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Peshmerga: united in future?

Tell History is an awesome project which collects short stories about people’s experiences during historical events and processes. To support this project, I was recently asked to talk about my experiences in Kurdistan – see: Visiting Iraq without Iraqi approval – discovering Kurdistan and … Continue reading

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why i love to travel

in the german language there are two words that very well suit my spirit and have been used to describe me by others: wanderlust and fernweh. the first is the lust, the want, the desire to wander, to travel, to … Continue reading

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what i think about isis

today i was asked what i think about isis. i – as a western scholar, a person who has been physically close to the islamic state in iraq, and as a simple human being. figuring that this might be something … Continue reading

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i am afraid

fear is clenching my throat and i yet i do not know where to point first to identify the problem. what i know is that it is not an overwhelming or imminent fear. i do not feel personally threatened or … Continue reading

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the big-empire syndrom; or the story of hungary

in a fantastic book, john grey analyzes different forms of belief systems and ideologies over time – starting from different religions, all the way to the enlightenment and liberal thoughts; and in conclusion he realized there to be two basic … Continue reading

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the good news for political scientist students

technically, – at least i believe so – this is good news for all students no matter their field, but since i am indeed not well equipped to judge other areas of study, i will only declare the good news … Continue reading

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the return of nationalism – a critical reflection

nationalism is coming back. us against them. let’s do it all over again. well, technically, i would argue that nationalism has never left. it is a phenomenon of ‘return’ only to those who immersed their head into european politics -not … Continue reading

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why ‘game of thrones’ helps you understand the middle east

several months ago, a washington post article took up the delicate task to parallel the houses of westeros, the fictional entities of the game of thrones books and series, with the countries of the middle east. what started as a … Continue reading

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why the europol strategy of targeting isis web-accounts won’t work

due to a lack of other options for input, here is a message to europol: according to the guardian, europol will started targeting isis web accounts in july. given an astonishing output of around 100.000 tweets a day from around … Continue reading

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