about noire.me

noire.me is about politics –

the blog is concerned with politics and political science in a way that is, in the authors opinion, needed for the lack of fundamental discussions about political issues outside of highly specialized political scientific communities. this focus enforces not to specify on a single region or topic within the area of politics or its science. the discussion is limited only by the authors understanding of different languages and the accessibility and inaccessibility of information for that reason.

the intention is neither to comment specifically on current affairs nor does it claim any form of historical timeline dependency in its writing. the blog aims to voice issues critically and tries to alter perspectives taken on issues by popular media or in scientific writings, not by stating an opinion or an evaluation of the topic unless specifically mentioned. the blog aims to foster a discussion of political issues between people not only inside but also outside of the scientific community by using a language understandable to people with a general interest in political matters.

also see: noArt http://morelia1337.tumblr.com


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