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greetings from the front line: jalawla

like a spearhead into the isil territory the kurdish front line reaches towards the city of jalawla. historically a kurdish city, it is, together with saadi, the last southern tip of kurdish populated ‘disputed’ area to the south that is … Continue reading

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taking back mosul

recently there seems to be movement on the international front. a coalition, joined by the us trustees in the gulf started bombing isis-stations in syria. following academic writings and speculations, the attack in syria would be the vital punch against … Continue reading

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where did all the weapons go?

news reports on military assistance and much needed weapon delivery to the kurdish regional government and its peshmerga units in the fight against the islamic state filled the pages of both local and international media for a while. a question … Continue reading

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greetings from the front line: mula abdula

having been to two front lines before, the excitemet of actually seeing the flag of the islamic state was significantly lower compared to that of my company. but still, there was something about the closeness of this front line that … Continue reading

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greetings from the front lines: bahshika mountain

only 30 km away from mosul city, the mountain ranges of zartk and bahshika stand majestically facing the flat lands in front of them. smoke spirals toward the sky on several spots down at the low lands. there is something … Continue reading

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thank you for the islamic state

there is something odd about international politics. alliance formations have shown again and again that even fiercely proclaimed ideologies are pushed aside all too easily whenever interest align. deeply entrenched moral divisions are secondary to security, and even framed states, … Continue reading

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revisiting the islamic state and kurdish strategy

being a terrorist is like running a business. it needs a strategy, loyal subordinates who carry out the directives and some sort of basic business plan. income, output. the old story. plus, it needs pr. a lot of it. yet, … Continue reading

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