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high tea with a terrorist

a few weeks ago in london, i came across a person – for the sake of the story let’s assume it was a man. over tea he expressed his sorrow of missing his home land turkey. but, he sighed, he … Continue reading

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everyday life in a war zone

there is something stunningly mundane about traveling to a war zone. with media keeping a sharp eye on the very edge of the front lines, a doomsday picture was painted – scaring all, my friends, family and me. and obviously, … Continue reading

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you do not lose a daughter, you win a son

who would have thought a few years ago that a turkish government would ever utter words like “a kurdish state would not be the worst thing that could happen”. it was stunning even though foreseen by many who have followed … Continue reading

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no plasters for isis

usa is bombing isis fighters. the european union is declaring humanitarian support. good news! …or is it? personally i feel like this show of action, while a diplomatic sign in itself, is a plaster-solution to an open fracture. when the … Continue reading

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the lethal brother of war: hatred

there is a level of cruelty in war that goes beyond the shelling and the bombs, the killing and the massacre. when i learned about it in history class, from the comfort of a school bench, i shook my head … Continue reading

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meeting ak47

being in london, i took advantage of the cultural hub in this city and attended the theaterĀ ‘shakespeare’s globe’ today. in a time- and culture- crossing manner, the play ‘holy warriors’ portrayed the israel-palestine conflict from the age of salahaddin and … Continue reading

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