playing irony

the world is one ironic place right now. granted, life on this planet always has some form of morbid humor to it, but right now it seems to have reached yet another peak. is it just me or is the world unravelled by one big turmoil after the other ever since the economic crisis and the arab spring broke up some years of relative silence. or was that just me not following the world up closely enough and just shielding myself in european sanctuary? in any case, right now realists of international relations get their money’s worth in betting on conflict over cooperation and interests over values.
reading the news, any bigger power wanting to get involved in the world’s affairs and trying to, not solve it but, manage the crisis, if possible to one’s own best outcome of the scenario, really has to flip coins of where to go and what to do first.
syria is still in pieces even if no on the news, ukraine breaks off again more and more, and everything along the equator in africa seems to suffer from the political heat more than the actual warmth of summer. with iraq in bits and somalia breaking even further apart, proving again that the smallest entity in this world is indeed the atom, pakistan fights it’s insurgencies and india tries to avoid it’s reaponsibility in sexual violence. and at that i am still sure that i still missed relevant examples of what is going on in this world right now. and yet, in south africa at the very same time, we celebrate the bands of international brotherhood by batteling on the field with more internationalized than truely nationalized football teams and celebrating together after the game.
the irony in this picture to me is nothing but a slap in the face.

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