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measuring development in environmental concern

taking a class on environment and water issues right now, i benefit from the multi-disciplinary and multi-national background of the people in my class. especially when the discussion revolves around water, drought, starvation and the like the opinion gaps far … Continue reading

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uti possidetis – a judgement

in international law, the concept of uti possidetis refers to the idea that former colonial states, at the point of gaining independence, should remain as an entity within the already existing borders. literally it means ‘as you possess’. that idea makes sense. … Continue reading

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home is where i sleep tonight

in a series of unrelated events i kept stumbling over the notion of ‘home’ recently.  living in a foreign country myself – in the, to be fair, probably most luxurious form of self-chosen academic migration, i have come to experience the … Continue reading

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barking dogs don’t bite

in a recent effort to update a paper i wrote on european-russian relations two years ago, i chose to narrow the focus from general economic and foreign policy relations onto the sole issues of militarized conflicts. in a comparison between … Continue reading

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