the bleeding sword of liberty

i find myself in a status of speechless awe, covering my face in the soothing mantles of my hands, while words and messages drip into my conscience, listening to the rhetoric of western freedoms and their glory.

freedom of religion, of thought and expression. liberty and equality as an inherent right to humanity. life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, is it not? and equality between the sexes, voting rights for all and equal chances for every soul. listening to these facts the western world does indeed sound like a glorious new world. like something that is worth striving for. like something that must be of undeniable value to all humans on earth.

and it is this last claim that is taken as a legal and moral justification to spread these liberties around the world. by force if necessary. of course only if there is a personal interest involved in the undertaking. it is this hardly visible fine print that is oh so easily overlooked… oops, i guess.

and so we step out into the world, our swords hiding behind the doves of peace, and save the savages from their ridiculous beliefs and their barbaric customs, and give voice to people as if they did not have one of their own and as if we were the ones to tell them how to use it and what to say, and bring along the presents of pandora’s box declaring liberty and happiness to be the aim of our selfless endeavor while economic profits and mes aynak hide behind the golden wrapping paper.

and by this very action we deny the very freedom of thought and expression we proclaim to pursue as we fail to accept that there are other systems of governance and other systems of economy that are just as cherished by some people living in these other circumstances. don’t dare to claim that liberalism is the source to benefit most, i am sure the homeless on your street corner would disagree! 99 percent, my friend. i cannot afford to love new york. and who are you to tell a communist or pacifist or anarchist or christian or muslim or jew or yellow spotted or redly striped or blue in total that what they feel is wrong and they only cannot see your truth because of the oppression of their system? do you really value your life in designer handbags and oil consumption?

and so we deprive the people of the liberty to shape their own country’s destiny as our economic interests are so high we cannot afford to have them decide upon their own. do you really dare to judge a nation that had some twenty years to find it’s way, speaking from the throne of several decades or centuries? and who ever said that after a revolution if there is no perfect functioning democracy within a certain amount of time it has to be regarded as a failure? you judge it by a year or two, when it was napoleon who followed the french revolution and stalin the proletarian, while hitler was democratically elected by the people before he tore the world apart. and don’t dare to pride yourself as the first civilization to bring about law or equality, i am sure mesopotamia begs to differ and so do all those who still share the dream, that children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. 

say, do we really dare to hold an index finger in the topics of political equality when it was not even a century ago that women got the right to vote and still today in the very heart of western style democracy there sit stinging pickles of inequality staring us right into the face. ask the woman, just next door, i am sure she can tell you a story or two! luckily we are too busy making the world believe that it is our thinking and our values and our systems that are the only valuable good there is to have that we can easily overlook the lack in freedoms and equalities within our own borders.

now, to make it clear, i do not deny the cherished blossoms of a life with very little to complain in these hearts of western styled freedoms i enjoy. but i do bemoan the arrogance that comes along with these great pleasures and claims the sole and holy truth that is then judged by ourselves to give the right to spread your own proclaimed ideology. whether they want it or not! after all, they cannot know what is good for them as we are the ones who know and judge. and the they is everybody internally and externally who disagrees or acts apart with this very system. and the we is every soul that dares to declare a moral right to judge any other person’s life but their own and out of that takes up the moral right and with it a sword to kill or hurt the disbeliever. and i do mourn upon history’s bloody story telling how many different people and nations all over the world have fought and still fight under this very banner, not understanding that the very liberties they try to spread are denied by their bellicose actions.

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