the ironic opium

it is indeed a particular irony of history that the global fear of communism helped create the nourishing ground for islamic fundamentalism and our new global fear of terrorism.

this hypothesis is based on an interesting reading i came across  in louise fawcett’s book ‘international relations of the middle east’. i have to say, i could not help but smile on this aha-moment i enjoyed when following the argumentation of fawcett’s writing. after all, it does make sense to me.

one can say about, for or against the idea of communism, leninism, marxism and even stalinism whatever one wants, it does not change the fact that secularism was the fundamental basis of this modern theory. having defined religion as the opium for the people, followers and admirers of the communistic theory complied with the basic assumption that god does not make policies and that it is up to each and everyone in a community to play a vital part in the creation of our very own common paradise on earth. while it is true that a similar secular notion is shared by the capitalistic theory, the point i am making goes into a different direction. after all, capitalistic thinkers were not haunted, incarcerated and forced to hide underground once the reigning government took up closer relations to the united states. this is not to say that it was the us’s direct doing either, but it is to note that while one tried to get rid of the bad communists, one also chased away scientific knowledge and secular thinking.

what is left on the visible ground is a politically conservative, economically liberal and religiously islamic society, which then get’s to know the western world of luxury, modernity and secularism as an unfair, exploitive and devil-may-care value-deprived culture. mistreated by its own elites the gathered hatred of society focuses on everything they represent: modern clothing, the woman as sexual, independent symbol of modernity and secularism. it is thus no surprise, but yes it is ironic, how the successful fighting against one fear and the ‘global good intention’ of forcing everybody into the same state of ‘the only right way of living’ helped create and nurture the very disgust and hatred we fear today.

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