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ode of academia

studying and working, yes living, in academia is a daily challenge. it can be easiest described by the metaphor of the needle in the haystack. but even this image needs to be enlarged a bit further. coming from high school, … Continue reading

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masking your identity

newsy reports today how us homeland security is working on and already using a program called “boss” which effectively collects different pictures of all angles of your face, be it from a drivers license, a facebook snapshot or a camera … Continue reading

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standards in question

there is a thin line between being yourself and adjusting to social standards of the surrounding you live in. as a woman it is socially more acceptable to hold back, be silent and adjust to the will and meaning of … Continue reading

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black gold – black future

it is not as far fetched a metaphor as one might think to refer to oil as black gold. more and more people, politicians and scientists come to realize that the current standard of life can not be sustained in … Continue reading

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