brussels – a project in the making

the city brussels is like a symbol to the european union.

the city is a construction site.

the city is big. so big, in fact, that each part feels like a separate entity in itself. it seems like it is drifting apart while everybody in the city is working on it to hold it together. yet, it is just this common chaos shared by all that makes them belong together.

the city is chaotic. the streets are confusing. they are not straight and easy to follow. it takes days for the visitor to get an overview over the area and to actually find a simple way without a map. the streets were built at the time they were needed and not with a pre-structured concept in mind. today it is hard and confusing to figure out the system and to find a way through those streets. yet, the bright side is, once you do understand the system, the inter-tangling of the different streets in the city and the different ways through the european union’s institutions, you do realize there are shortcuts, that make the entire chaos all the more effective.

the city is damaged. the cobblestones on the streets are broken and sometimes parts of walls are missing in the houses. yet, between those degenerated facades arise huge complexes of glass and steel, monuments of strength and unity, rising in the sky, shiningly representing the eu institutions.

yet, the heart is breathtakingly beautiful. the city center is of a breathtaking beauty with all its glory of ancient times and strength for the future. – just like with brussels, one is asked to adjust the eye to the hidden beauties and the confusing streets, and realize that what the european union truly is, is a project in the making.

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