imagine a single drop of water could start a waterfall.

imagine a lonely book on a shelf changing someone’s life.

imagine to have nothing and suddenly be seen by the world.

books4bricks is an one time action. it incorporates the believe that one can actually make a change, the idea of education being the key to life’s many possibilities, and the conviction that a sign is worth more than a thousand words.

the idea is simple: everybody has one book, hanging around on a shelf for years, waiting on it to be taken out and to inspire; yet all it inspires so far is the many layers of dust on its cover. and while nobody ever read the book (again), nobody wants to throw it away either.

and while this book, its wisdom and creativity, is locked on a shelf, there are many people dying to read just this very book. or any book. there are people who do not have the liberty to choose how to spend their free time. there are people who have no access to education, libraries, and even contact to other people. they are in prison.

and while those people have done something horrible, something that needs indeed be punished – there are three thoughts coming to mind.

first – in many cases ‘those’ people are coming back into society sooner or later.

second – why did they get in there in the first place?

and third – if they do come back, how can manage to at least higher the potential of them not doing any harm to society again?

my take on this situation is simple. i believe education is the key. it is no guarantee, yet, in my opinion it is the only way to potentially change anything at all. i believe people steal and damage and hurt for a reason; for a lack of moral and scholar education as well as love, support and affection. so, if in fact the lack of this fundamental basis is the reason for people to get into prison in the first place, there is indeed something that can potentially change the situation.

books4bricks takes a dual approach to the situation: 1) it encourages students of the local university to give just one book for a good cause and let their book do something good instead of having it rot on the shelf without using its full potential, and 2) books4bricks wants to set a sign, to the world – making people realize that there are people on the edge of our civilization; and the only way to get them back in is to let them in – and to the prisoners that “we see you”.

imagine every book to be a new key for one of life’s many doors of chances.

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