a matrix called democracy

a matrix is a construct, built to give a certain illusion of something while cleverly hiding reality. it seems as though only a critical mind, that does not fear a rather brutal realization can open its eyes and be able to distinguish the pretty matrix from reality.

looking around the world, one cannot avoid the impression that there are more and more countries building or maintaining a matrix of democracy. strictly controlled systems, led by media monopoly, economic empires, and strong political figures hold the bureaucratic iron fist around a tamed civil society, keeping it on a short leash.

it is neither the point of this article to make a list of all these countries, nor to create measurements of how to evaluate “true democratic intentions”, but it is to raise a question: it seems as if all of those countries share the understanding that it is indeed important to “officially” be known as a democracy – but why?

is there a democratic norm or an autocratic taboo? is it the international system that imposes the demand for democratization upon a country? or is it a growing civil society claiming a “natural” right to engage in political decisions? what is it that makes a state construct an illusion of democracy, while behind the pretty matrix different mechanisms are at work?

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