invisible borders

the funny thing about borders is that they are not always visible. sometimes they are lines on a map, symbolized by partols and customs. within the european union those borders are gone. all that remains are little blue signs on the side of the road “you are leaving a country” and “welcome”.

but sometimes borders are invisible – in our mind. long lasting stereotypes about other people. assumptions we make without ever taking the time to get to know a person or a situation let alone a culture we might not be able to understand. but it is them we ascribe the limits of their thinking to. also within the european union those borders are still high and solid. almost like a wall. like the berlin wall. or like the great wall of china.

did you know to the current day there are at least twenty five borders actually built up as a wall? afghanistan, botswana, brazil, brunei, china, cyprus, egypt, greece, india, iran, iraq, israel, korea, morocco, northern ireland, pakistan, russian federation, saudi arabia, south africa, spain, thailand, united arab emirates, united states, uzbekistan and one built by the united nations between iraq and kuweit.

the problem with these borderwalls is that, while ominent with the most significant and most visible sign of seperation of people, they are invisible to our everyday mind, because we are not aware of them.

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