austria in a nutshell

living through the different stages of age and education, i always wondered about the reactions i observed in the austrian society. but if i look at the dynamics behind their perception i cannot help but discover something rather quite ironic.

if you are young, just starting school and full of dreams and hopes, yet empty of any knowledge, life experience, and awareness adults bend their knees and pet your hair while saying: “be a good child and go to school. you need to learn, learn a lot. learning is good for you! all the things you can learn; you will see. just make sure you are well-behaved and hard-working and learn, my child, learn.”

then you grow older. and while you gain knowledge and life experience you start to question and rebel. you search your childhood dreams and find your passion. and full of aspiration and motivation you seek knowledge at the temple of education: at university. but there, between big books and even bigger words you find yourself overhearing people, bending their arms to cover their sneer while whispering: “do you see those students, who do they think they are? they are doing nothing but drinking and talking. big talking man! they think they know the world. those foolish, foolish little bastards. they should work! they are only costing us a lot of money and they do not learn, they only party and drink.”

but wait, oh wait, dear student, until you graduate. it is the most significant characteristic of austrian society that people hush and bend their backs for a simple university degree. “yes, doctor. yes, manager. yes, boss.”

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