chicken and egg

i am not sure whether a blog is supposed to be more of a notepad or a medium to write down all your important thoughts – so i decided to create my own rules. after all, it is my blog. so, even if i prefer to present thoughts and possible answers, the core of every great experience and adventure of political science does always start with a question.

so why not present a puzzle for a change? turns out it turns up in the good old chicken and egg dilemma – which witch is which witch and which witch was first?

humans are social mammals. they build groups because they need others to survive. they are a family. they are a clan. and they identify themselves by differentiate themselves against others. yet, is there anything that makes a nation? nations are too big as if every person in it can identify with all the others. yet we live in states today and are told we need to be able to identify with all the others living in this state. no, let me correct this, we need to identify with all the ones living in the state, sharing our passport – a written acknowledgment to belong to this group. yet, i wonder, was this feeling of belonging created by the frontier of the state or was the frontier created by the borders of differences in cultures and people.

so, chicken or egg? was there a nation to create a state or a state that created nations? (and where does culture kick in?)

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