is security the same as being safe?

do you really feel more secure if there is more policeman on the street? if they walk through the trains, staring into cabins, prowling on the hallway? what about cameras? do you really feel more secure with a camera on every corner; almost staring at you – on a bridge, in the lobby, in public places?

you can put a goat on a leash, in a cage and build a fence around it. even put a camera or two – i can still kill the goat if i intend to do so. so what good do these security measures do?

today i experienced a car search on the highway. it got me thinking. obviously they were looking for someone or something. that i get. i can live with it, being pulled into a queue, lining up behind all the other cars, to get checked by policeman staring into my car from several angles, checking, and waving me through. a one time thing. for an immediate, important reason. okay. but i fear that this will happen more often…

it is my personal opinion, through and through. it is experiences from my perspective and with my emotional response. yet i cannot help but notice that the so called “security measures” are getting more. there is more police on the street. there is more cameras than ever. there is more controls and checks for passports and IDs. there is more “security” – yet i do not feel more secure.

on the contrary, i feel irritated. i feel skeptical. i feel watched. in times where “security” seems to be the wholly grail of politics, the ultimate argument for any proposition, and the core piece of importance for our society, i worry how much liberty can be traded for security.

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