dare to question

there is a door. behind it there are questions about the world, about life, about society. yet there are people who do not even see the door.

questioning does not start with the deep meanings of life and eternity. it does not start with einstein’s theory about energy and mass. and it does not start with philosophical understanding of right and wrong. questioning starts with one simple word: why?

why do you want me to do this job, boss? dare to question an order. why do you want me to learn this subject? dare to question a teacher. the importance to specify why something is necessary to be done or to be learned is the most essential feature in the integrity of an order.

science already captures this approach by defining the so what? question as the central part of any study and project. sure, one can study cancer. sure, one can find out that a lot of women die on breast cancer – so what? sometimes the answer to the question is self-evident, but sometimes it is not. dare to ask.

the questioning of an order leads to the questioning of authority which leads to a cautious approach to all matters of life. questioning makes you from a tool of society, interchangeable with any other, to a subject, to an individual, and to a someone.

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