showing your face in combination with a political message is a political tool. celebrities know it. politicians know it. it is their main decisive for elections. if there is no deep, fundamental party affiliation on an ethnic, cultural, economic or ideological ground, you vote for a face. for a person. people like to follow leaders. they like to follow a face.

only sometimes, when the risk is too big to say out loud what you think, to speak up against something that bothers you, people are shy and hide their faces, instead of standing strong behind their thoughts. not everybody is strong enough to stand up for who they are, for what they believe in, for what they think. it might help to make them speak, if only you gave them anonymity. if you gave them a mask.

in authoritarian regimes a mask is a political tool. anonymity gives you the courage to speak, for it relieves the risk of pain and suffering that is anticipated by your action to speak up. but we do not need to think about dictators to wish for a mask. anywhere, where consequences to an differing, deviating thought or action are misprized, anonymity suddenly becomes the greatest force and power of all. this can be a workplace, where critique against a boss may be answered with you losing your job. it can be a group, where diverging ideas may cause expulsion of the same. or it can be a culture, that does not allow opposing points of view and diversity.

suddenly, a simple mask is the most powerful force, for it gives people back the voice they seemed to have lost before.

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