a thousand times no

art is a political medium. it does not necessarily have to be, but if it is, it has a strong impact.

art does not fight a revolution with force. it fights a social revolution with persistence. civil disobedience can be shown in a loud way. it is more likely that this kind of protest will get the medias attention. but there is also a silent revolution. one that does not scream. that does not throw a stone. but one that acts up in its own way. art can be a silent, social revolution.

in the dawn of the nazi regime, otto dix painted “jüdischer friedhof in randegg” (link to the picture: http://www.alemannia-judaica.de/randegg_friedhof.htm) one can see snow being a blanket to the naked earth, in the hour of a rising shadow coming from the left. the dark clouds seem to darken the jewish cemetery, as if he’d already known what would happen.

now in the heat of the arab spring, artist bahia shehab, decided to say a thousand times no to the oppression, the suffering, and the treatment of men and women in the egyptian revolution. (link: http://www.ted.com/talks/bahia_shehab_a_thousand_times_no.html)with a simple piece of art becoming a symbol for a revolution, art can give identity and support to the people fighting side by side.

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